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Sunday, July 20, 2008

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The Difference Starting Network Marketing Bussiness As Offline and Online

Before I spell out about the difference,I want to invite you for looking together reality phenomen what frequently hapen in someone taht starting Network Marketing Bussiness and many reason often sayed if there is network Marketing Bussinessman presanted his bussiness.

Realities phenomenon what frequenly in starting Network Marketing Bussiness are:
1.Many people that can't do presentation.
2.Many people that found difficulty in finding downline.
3.Many people that onlyhave limited finances.
4.Many people that can't move.
5.Many people that only have a litte time.

5 difficult that we saw,as the matter of fact not trouble if someone have a mediun what proven efective,
like a bussiness website with this so these were happen:
1.Someone that can't do presentation can show his address website,after this,he only seethe prospect and read the informasi what found in your website
2.Someone that difficult in finding downline would be easy because website can reach for many people
around the world,so from many people must there is interested with your bussiness.
3.With website,you can economize your transportation cost,economize your promotion fee
because they can be operated without leave the home.If using netplace only needed 15 in a day with really bit money because only Rp.3500
4.With website,you can found many people that really want to start this bussiness seriously or found people that need your product so slow or fast,your carier would be get up
5.Time isn't your trouble again,because website working in 24 hour nonstop without your presentence.

This is many things about how to star Network Marketing Bussiness.
1.Make a list name
The question is ,how much list you can order?100?1000?10000? much time neede for do it?definitely youhave a limited list name for people that you can meet.

But,what happen in online?
Your prospect name would be long on in can met new people with prodivity sure,culture and
customs and tradition sure.In online you can join in many comunity/forums online that sure can find list name/unlimited prospect to offer bussiness or only find consumen.
In offline before you presented your bussiness,you need to invite your prospect bussiness or your consumen to come in presentation that you or your upline make in home.In fact ,if you inivinite10 people and only 1 person that came it's natural.why?

Because many people often experience it,even really often experience it,even really often.In offline,you should be habitual with refusing when you invite.

But,what happen in online?

Inviting become so easy,many way invited someone to see your bussiness/presentation.Many comunities in online that we can exploit for inform your bussiness with search eangine,milis,clubs online and with promotion media what many available in online and free.Even many people that specifically for looking bussiness what we offer with internet.We only must promoted our website presentation to many promotion media that available in can promoted your web address in yahoo or google.
In offline,many preparation that needed prepair,spesifically your way of thingking may be you feel that yourselft can't presented becaused you are a new person in this bussiness or if you are a good presentation,how long and how time you can do presentation in a day?

But,What happenin online?
No problem if you are a new person in this Bussiness you can't do presentation with any reason,even you don't have time for presentation.So,in online bussiness your presentation was representative with replication website from even if they interested to join,all work was representative with your website,your job only promoted for this website and doing followup.This website work in 24 hour in a day,7 day in week and next even you are sleeping,your bussiness website would work for you.

According to Tianshi Bussiness,there is a diffrerence beetween Bussiness Group that start Tianshi as offline and online.

Group Offline(outside
1.focus in sidenet,between 10 until 25 frontline.
2.Doesn't have replication website.
3.Doesn't give many downline to under net.
4.Financing privacy accumulation as big as
Rp 2 Million(for *30only from downline )only from downline.
5.Medium Bussiness bought downline.

Group Online(
1.Focus in insidenet,with matrix 4x4.
2.Have replication website.
3.Giving many downline to under net.
4.Financing Privarcy accumulation as big as Rp.2Million(for*3),changed 100%/free from the support .

5.Medium bussiness,given free from the support.

Strength equivalent sart network Marketing bussiness as Online with Network marketing bussiness that start as offline/konvesional.

Network Marketing Bussiness that start as offline/konvensional.

1.Limited list prospect
2.The presentation was limited by the time,distance and place.
3.Shy for meet new people for prospect.
4.There are many trouble that connect with psicology,
culture,language and physically perfection.

Network Marketing Bussiness started as Online.

1.Unlimited list prospect.
2.Presentaion operated in 24 hour,even you are sleeping and working.
3.Refusing become seldom,because contact/connecting what happen basicly with their interesting
after looking web presentation.Even we often refuse them to jion us because they wanna a same
presentation web but had join in other group.
4.Connecting with new person was so easy in online.
5.Success in Bussiness as online don't know limited like phsycology,culture,language and physically
perfection.Every body with many lund of lock can be success here.
6.Doesn't need ability in giving presentation.
7.Doesn't need ability marketing in offering product.
8.Promoter Net can watch live/real time.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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